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New Mexico Skies
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Note: This observatory is closing June 16, 2011 and will not reopen. Telescopes will be relocated as time and budget permits.

Site Information

Location: Between Cloudcroft and Mayhill, New Mexico (US)
Latitude: 32°54'12.00"N
Longitude: 105°31'42.88"W
Elevation: 2222 meters (7290')

Calibration frames

Beginner scopes (Snap-Shot Astronomy): Calibration frames are applied automatically, and both the raw and the calibrated image are saved and can be downloaded. Calibration is done with a master 5-minute dark and a master bias frame, both at the same temperature as the image. You can download the master calibration frames (and in some cases additional frames) from the link under "Calibration Frames" for each scope. Some scopes also have flat-field frames available at the calibration frame link. These are not currently applied automatically, however, and must be downloaded and applied yourself.

Advanced scopes (Astronomy Studio): Calibration frames are not applied automatically, except for an auto-calibration for focusing, centering, and guiding. You can download a wide variety of master calibration frames from the link under "Calibration Frames" for each advanced scope. All advanced scopes also have flat-field frames available at the calibration frame link.

Note: If you are unsure of image details, such as binning or sensor temperature, this information (and a lot more!) is stored in the header of each image. You will need software that can read the image and its header (e.g., MaxIm DL, CCDSoft, FitsLiberator, etc.) to view this information.

See also various links related to image calibration in the Calibration section

Astro-Physics 180mm f/7.32 refractor

 Focal Length 1317mm
 Focal Ratio f/7.32
 Camera STL-11000
 Camera Type Monochrome with 5-position filter wheel
 Chip Size 4008 x 2672 x 9 microns/pixel
 Image Scale 1.31 arcseconds per pixel
 Field of View 87.5 x 58.3 arcminutes
 Software Interface Snap-Shot Astronomy (Beginner)
 Filter Wheel Info None
 Calibration Frames http://fits.tzecmaun2.org/ap180/<date>

Astro-Physics 206mm f/7.87 refractor

 Focal Length1620mm
 Focal Ratio f/7.87
 Camera STL-11000
 Camera Type Monochrome with filter wheel L R G B Ha
 Chip Size 4008 x 2672 x 9 microns/pixel
 Image Scale 1.144 arcseconds per pixel
 Field of View 76.4 x 50.9 arcminutes
 Software Interface Astronomy Studio (advanced)
 Filter Wheel Info 5-position wheel: L R G B Ha
 Calibration Frames http://fits.tzecmaun2.org/ap206/<date>

Takahashi Epsilon 180mm f/2.8 corrected Newtonian reflector

 Focal Length500mm
 Focal Ratio f/2.8
 Camera ST-2000
 Camera Type One-shot color
 Chip Size 1600 x 1200 x 7.4 microns/pixel
 Image Scale 3.02 arcseconds per pixel
 Field of View 80.5 x 60.4 arcminutes
 Software Interface Snap-Shot Astronomy (Beginner)
 Filter Wheel Info None
 Calibration Frames http://fits.tzecmaun2.org/e180/<date>

14" Maksutov-Newtonian f/3.8 reflector

 Focal Length1330mm
 Focal Ratio f/3.8
 Camera ST-10XME
 Camera Type Monochrome with filter wheel
 Chip Size 2184 x 1472 x 6.8 microns/pixel
 Image Scale 1.05 arcseconds per pixel
 Field of View 38.2 x 25.8 arcminutes
 Software Interface Astronomy Studio (advanced)
 Filter Wheel Info10-position wheel: B-Bessell V-Bessell
R-Bessell I-Bessell H-alpha SII OIII
Clear G B (Use R-Bessell for R)
 Calibration Frames http://fits.tzecmaun2.org/bigmak/<date>

Takahash FSQ-106mm f/5 astrograph

 Focal Length 540mm
 Focal Ratio f/5
 Camera STL-11000
 Camera Type Monochrome with filter wheel
 Chip Size 4008 x 2672 x 9 microns/pixel
 Image Scale 3.5 arcseconds per pixel
 Field of View 233.8 x 155.9 arcminutes
 Software Interface Snap-Shot Astronomy (Beginner)
 Filter Wheel Info 5-position: L R G B <empty>
 Calibration Frames http://fits.tzecmaun2.org/fsq106/<date>

RCOS 16" Ritchey-Chretien

 Focal Length 3658mm
 Focal Ratio f/9
 Camera STL-6303
 Camera Type Monochrome with filter wheel
 Chip Size 3072 x 2048 x 9 microns/pixel
 Image Scale 0.5 arcseconds per pixel
 Field of View 26.1 x 17.4 arcminutes
 Software Interface Astronomy Studio (advanced)
 Filter Wheel Info 8-position wheel: L R G B B V R I
 Calibration Frames http://fits.tzecmaun2.org/rc16/<date>

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