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How do I download my images?
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As you are imaging, your files are periodically moved to a temporary server. There is one such server at each observatory, currently one in New Mexico, and one in Australia.

While you are observing:

You can access recent images using the Telescopes -> My Recent images menu item. You can also link directly to the servers where we keep recent images. It takes 5-10 minutes for images to move to the recent images servers. Images are not accessible from the telescope control computers during that time.

Link to New Mexico server: http://nm-images.tzecmaun.org
Link to Australia server: http://au-images.tzecmaun.org

Link to view a list of your most recent images, and to track which are on the local server and which are on the archive server: http://portal.tzecmaun.org/portal/image/recent

The next day or later:

After observatories close, images are available on the archive FTP server.

The main FTP server is at http://ftp.tzecmaun.org

While you are observing, if you want to access your images files (or the JPG copies), go to the link for the observatory you are currently using. You may need to log in to see your files. Your files will usually be available within 5-10 minutes after they are downloaded from the camera. Files are kept on the temporary serves for a very limited time.

After the observatory closes, your files will be uploaded from the temporary server to our main FTP server at http://ftp.tzecmaun.org. Please allow time for the transfer to the man FTP server - if you don't see your files there, they are still on the temporary server, and you can download them from there.

The main server is much faster for downloads, so if you don't need your data immediately, download it from the main server the next day.

After your files are moved to the main server, they will be removed from the temporary server.

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