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Advanced users: sign up to use ACP
Views: 6831 Last Updated: 2010-09-05 18:02

Self-Approval for use of ACP Telescopes

If you are already an advanced user, you can self-approve for use of ACP scopes. You will have to confirm that you are familiar with ACP (though prior experience, study of online materials, or by using the simulator that is provided). If you are not yet familiar with ACP, please do not self-approve. We do not providing training beyond the materials listed below. When we have time available, we will add more training materials.

Please read the following guidelines:

  • Familiarity with ACP is assumed. If you are not yet familiar with ACP, please see this page for a list of resources that will help you become familiar with it:
    List of ACP Help pages
  • You can practice on an ACP simulator before using a live ACP telescope. Here is a link to the simulator.
  • We are unable to provide life support for learning how to use ACP. (We will, of course, act on problem reports that require action!) If you start using ACP, but find that you have questions about how to use it, we will refer you back to the training materials and simulator so that you can gain more familiarity with it before resuming use on the live telescopes.

To self approve, enter your username and password, check the box, and click Submit.

Note: You must be an advanced user in order to self-approve for use of ACP.


Check all that apply:

I have used ACP and am comfortable using it.
I have studied the online materials about ACP.
I have used the ACP simulator and am familiar with its features.

If you find that you need more training with ACP, look at the list of ACP help pages using the link above, or select ACP Telescopes category on the main Knowledge Base page.

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