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Windy conditions
Views: 3733 Last Updated: 2011-04-26 16:07

Q. I am scheduled to use the RC 16 this evening. I notice that the wind forecast is not good. What are the guidelines for scope use in windy conditions? Am I responsible for opening and closing the RC 16 dome based on wind conditions? How will I know if the wind conditions are too high for scope user?

A. Users do not have any control over the domes or other enclosures. Tzec Maun staff makes the decision about whether conditions are safe to open the dome for the RC 16. New Mexico Skies, who manage our other two observatories, make the decision on whether to open the roll-off roofs for the other telescopes.

If conditions are not safe for any reason - wind, rain, humidity, etc. - the facility will not be open. 

We cannot predict in advance what weather conditions are going to be, so the answer to the question, "Will my telescope be available tonight?" is always "We don't know; wait and see what happens with the weather."

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