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RC16: Video Feed
Views: 4014 Last Updated: 2012-02-09 04:34

You can access the video feed only internally, from the NM Dome1 computer.

Open Internet Explorer; the video feed is the home page for the browser. If necessary, click OK when asked for credentials. They will already be filled in. Click the "View Video | ActiveX" button to display the controls:

This displays a web page with the controls and video feed embedded in it. The video quality is only OK, but its generally good enough for the use we put it to. Here is the default (home) view:

You can use the Left/Up/Right/Down/Home buttons to move the camera in pan and tilt. (Zoom is available, but due to the limited image quality, may not be very useful.) Note that the default move amount is one degree for both Pan and Tilt; this is generally too slow. A setting of '5' for each is generally good, but you can use larger or smaller values to suit your purpose. In the home position, the camera is pointing toward the southwest, as shown above. Visible in the image is the counterweight shaft, the control box for dome operation, and just barely visible right of center the motor and belts for the west shutters.

There are some preset positions that will display the most important parts of the dome, so that you can quickly get the most useful views. Select the preset position from the list, then use the "Go To" button to move to it. DO NOT use the Set/Clear/Swing buttons or you could overwrite the presets. Use the stop button any time. <g>

  • Home, shown above
  • View Top: shows the top of the dome, with the seam between the two halves of the dome visible when the telescope is parked.
  • Scope: shows the telescope so that you can check cables and anything else on the scope.
  • Limits West: shows the area of the limit switches on the west side of the dome.
  • Limits East: shows the area of the limit switches on the east side of the dome.
  • North
  • Motor East: shows the motor on the east side
  • Motor West: shows the motor on the west side
Generally, you would use these views to focus in on a particular aspect of the dome for troubleshooting, or just to monitor what's going on. Here is a collage of six of the views (home, above, is the seventh):

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