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RC16: Power on/off
Views: 3653 Last Updated: 2012-02-09 04:47

See also: RH: Power on/off.

Run wTerm from the Start Menu on the NM Dome1 computer. It is pinned to the top half of the start menu. It looks like this when it opens; if the various parameters are not as below, make it so.

Click the Connect button to connect to the Baytech unit that controls power on/off for the RC 16 observatory. The Text to Send area becomes active. 

Click in the Text to Send box, and then press return to request a menu.

The commands are the same as for the RH telescope (see link at top of this article). The general form is ON x and OFF x, where 'x' is the outlet number. For example, to turn on the lights, type:

ON 4

into the Text to Send box, and hit the Enter key. When asked to confirm, type


into the Text to Send box, and hit the Enter key. The lights will be on. To turn them off, you would do the same sequence, but with the command:


Note: lower case works fine.

Generally, it is safe to leave wTerm running all night. You can use it as needed to turn devices on and off. Be VERY careful never to turn off the Scope Computer!

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