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1 Custom Calibration Frames

ACP allows you to take bias, dark, and flat-field frames, but we strongly discourage the taking of darks during imaging time - it wastes valuable clear sky time. We do not have a pipeline for user-created calibration frames at this time, but may create one…

2 Where do I download calibration frames?

We take regular calibration frames each month (flats at new moon; everything else at full moon). You can go here to download calibration frames: http://portal.tzecmaun.org/cal_frames.php There is a link to the calibration download page on the Telescopes menu…

3 Black specs on processed image

I took images (11) of 5 mins each of M31 on fsq 106 (sept 30, 2010) When I process the images using CCDStack program and applied the master dark frame (5 min exposure) time, "black specks" appear all over image of M31. (Black specks are not on light frames…

4 What are flats, and why would I use one?

What About Flats? We occasionally get asked about flats. We take bias and dark frames for calibration routinely; we also take flats routinely? However, depending on what you are are doing, you may not need to apply flats to your images: we have really dark…

5 Calibrating with MaxIm DL

Note: not all steps may apply in every situation. For example, if your images already have a dark frame applied when you download them, start with the Image Cleanup section. Calibration Calibration involves removing instrument noise from the images. Bias…