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1 Advanced users: sign up to use ACP Featured

Self-Approval for use of ACP Telescopes If you are already an advanced user, you can self-approve for use of ACP scopes. You will have to confirm that you are familiar with ACP (though prior experience, study of online materials, or by using the simulator…

2 ACP: Quick Start Tutorial Featured

This tutorial shows you how to take single images in ACP. Color Series, Multiple Images, and other tools are very similar and build on the functionality covered here. The tutorial uses images from the ACP Live Demo - Red Mountain Simulated Observatory. Once…

3 Does ACP support time-critical target imaging

Q. How does ACP support time critical target imaging (exoplanet transits, asteroid occultations)? A. The only way you can do time-critical imaging is to reserve the appropriate hour(s) and submit a plan that will do the required imaging at the required time.…

4 How do I turn off autoguiding in ACP?

Q. How do I turn off autoguiding in ACP? I'm using many short exposures and I don't need autoguiding. A. Autoguiding is automatic; exposures over a certain duration will be autoguided. If you are taking short exposures, autoguiding will also be active if…

5 Can I see the guider image in ACP?

Q. Can I see the guider image in ACP? A. You cannot see the full image. However, during guiding, you will see the small guider box image so you can visibly tell if guiding is OK.

6 ACP Scripting Directives: Special Considerations

Some ACP Directives should not be used on Tzec Maun telescopes, or should only be used is certain ways or circumstances. See the list of these directives below, with explanations included where appropriate. In addition to specific directives, you should always…

7 ACP error: "no #posang yet specified"

i logged into the RC-16 telescope at 11PM (eastern time) (9pm your time) and i got the following error: Compiling plan... (using ACP Plan Compiler V5.1.9) Error at line 10: System has a rotator but no #posang yet specified Answer: You must always specify…

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