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1 Usage Limits and Policies Featured

Note: These policies are effective only until June 16, 2011. Please see new policies in this blog posting. This page will be updated before the Sept. 1, 2011 re-opening. Users and teams are limited in the amount of time they can use on the telescopes. We…

2 Penalties for Missed Reservations

We have changed our policy for missed reservations. Users are now responsible for showing up for all reservations they make, except when weather or maintenance closes the observatory or a specific telescope. Warnings will be sent when you miss multiple reservations…

3 Custom Calibration Frames

ACP allows you to take bias, dark, and flat-field frames, but we strongly discourage the taking of darks during imaging time - it wastes valuable clear sky time. We do not have a pipeline for user-created calibration frames at this time, but may create one…

4 Referencing/Acknowledging Tzec Maun Observatories

Q. Recently my research group used your observatory to collect data on two different asteroids. We have processed that data and are in the process of writing a paper containing our results that we plan to submit to the Minor Planets Bulletin. We wish to properly…