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1 RC16: Dome Control

Note: Dome control is not available on the telescope server. Please access the NM-Dome1 computer for dome control. The dome control software is not your typical user-friendly bit of software. It's an engineering interface. For routine daily control of the…

2 RC16: Power on/off

See also: RH: Power on/off. Run wTerm from the Start Menu on the NM Dome1 computer. It is pinned to the top half of the start menu. It looks like this when it opens; if the various parameters are not as below, make it so. Click the Connect button to connect…

3 RC16: Video Feed

You can access the video feed only internally, from the NM Dome1 computer. Open Internet Explorer; the video feed is the home page for the browser. If necessary, click OK when asked for credentials. They will already be filled in. Click the "View Video |…

4 RH: Manual Dome Control

The South Dome is a 10-6" Ash dome. Currently, only the upper portion of the shutter is enabled; the bottom flap does not currently move. It is partially obstructed by the power rings. The home position is at 0/360. Currently, the dome does not rotate fully;…

5 RH: Power on/off

Start by running wTerm for serial communication with the Baytech PDU (a web-enabled Power Distribution Unit): This opens the wTerm window: If the parameters are not as shown above, change them to match above. (They should never need to be adjusted.) Click…